Hazzas Sink Dingo’s Career

A Brobot pictorial

Hazzas final 450 1

Hazzas final 450 2

Hazzas final 450 3

Hazzas final 450 4

Hazzas final 450 5

Hazzas final 450 6

Hazzas final 450 7

Hazzas final 450 81

Hazzas final 450 9

Hazzas final 450 10

Hazzas final 450 11

Monkey_speaking bubble hazza

Hazzas final 450 12

hot_dog 450

Glossary:Boysas—the “boys,” a term originating from the notorioius D-bah Boardriders Club.Coolie—Coolangatta, Gold Coast, Australia. Example: “Tell that Coolie cunt to stop pissing on my fresh laundry.”

—A versatile Australian pronoun used to describe any object, animate or otherwise, but especially persons, male or female. Example: “Oi cunt, tell that cunt of a fucking cunt to get fucked. Cunt!”

Devo’d—Abbreviation for devastated.

—Fucked, Screwed, S.O.L., knackered, finished, done.

Hazzas—Coolangatta blundertwins Shawn and Dean Harrington, exceptional free-surfers and legendary partiers.

Mongrel—Going feral, animal-style, getting on the hate juice, hair farming and letting one’s self go.

Moose—A drinking game involving making antlers out of one’s fingers and sculling whatever liquor and lager is at hand. Moose often ends with virgins de-flowered and grommets abused.

Newies—Toohey’s New, a popular beer label.

Oi—Exclamation, as in “Aussie! aussie! aussie! oi! oi!  oi!” Or, “Oi, cunt, get off me sista. It’s my turn!”

On the piss—An Australian form of breathing, in which alcohol substitutes for air.

Piggy—A character who is ritually sacrificed by his peers in William Golding’s novel “The Lord of The Flies.”

Rabbit—Wayne “Rabbit” Bartholomew, 1978 world champ, Coolie legend, Dingo’s informal adoptive father, and former ASP president.

Scull—To chug, pound, turn bottoms up. Example: “Oi, you fat cunt, scull that Newie! Fisher is leaving with your lady. You poof.”

Toohey’s—Australian beer brand, i.e. Toohey’s Extra Dry, Toohoey’s New, etc.

Twig and berries—Penis and testicles, frank and beans, package, junk, naughty bits.

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2 Responses to Hazzas Sink Dingo’s Career

  1. koubi says:



    Yeah mate – fucking hillarious! Thanks for the promo hahahahhahaha ‘The Real Boysaaaaaaaaah’
    Dbah for Life

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